Richard D. Clarke Patent, Trademark & Copyright Attorney


Protect Your Rights

Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade Secrets are all protectable under the law. They are a valuable asset for your business and can help provide your company with credibility to attract venture capitalists and corporate partners.

Valid intellectual property protection is also vital in valuating your business for franchising, mergers, or sale businesses.

Federal copyright law protects writings and other forms of expression from unauthorized duplication, modification, and distribution. Copyright protects only the manner in which an idea is expressed, and not the idea itself.

A copyright registration remains in effect for the life of the author plus another 50 years for works by individuals and for 75 years for works created by corporations, or works made for hire.

Richard Clarke specializes in registering copyrights for literary, visual arts, computer software, multi-media, sound recordings, and performing arts works.