Richard D. Clarke Patent, Trademark & Copyright Attorney

Small Business Smarts

How to use your patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets to their greatest advantage in today's global marketplace.

Coordinating Intellectual Property
Protection with Financing
- Loss or lack of intellectual property rights and protection can impact financing success

- Initial public offerings and other financial arrangements require the identification and protection of intellectual property

Marketing and Leveraging Intellectual
Property Protection
- Patents provide credibility to attract venture capitalists and corporate partners and potential investors

- Increase salability of technology and company

- Help set you apart from the competition

Enforcement Strategy
- Protection of intellectual property is meaningless if it is not properly and adequately enforced

- Develop an enforcement strategy and plan. Proper intellectual property insurance is essential to support technology protection strategy, technology enforcement strategy and financing strategy.

Intellectual property protection helps preserve a particular market for a fledgling company even against a larger, more established company in the same or similar market.
Licensing royalty revenue can be a major source of income for a company that aggressively acquires intellectual property protection and vigorously enforces that protection.
Patents define new technology which is the essence of any company. They can provide marketing information for targeting specific niches.